Meet Derek

Derek Daly is a World class Formula One and Indy 500 Driver, Master of Fast, Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author and 25 year network television analyst. He competed against world champions – raced for some of the world’s most successful teams – won all over the world – lived in Monte Carlo – dined with Royalty – and was almost killed three times. His experiences are breathtaking.

With his native Irish wit, the Hall of Fame race car driver presents powerful analogies with straight forward and fascinating details, delivered with the same energy and humor that has made him one of television’s most popular sports commentators and a world class speaker.

You can’t remain emotionally neutral during his keynotes and his promise is to have you on the edge of your seat.


High Performance Thinkers

Culture of EXTRAordinary:
How to shift from Good

Remember Good to Great back in the 90’s? Today, it has shifted from Great to Extraordinary. Align this platform with the right culture, and your team can develop something truly unique; a Culture of Extraordinary. Imagine your team learning how to think and act differently as they push themselves to the edges and boundaries of what might be possible. Your team will embrace what it means to go beyond their best. Derek uses powerful, real-life sports analogies in a unique, compelling and often hilarious manner, that leaves audiences in awe. Even the US Government DoD enjoyed this topic.

High Performance Behavior

The Speed of Wow:
How Fast Can You Get Fast?

If the speed of your business continues to increase in the next 10 years, ask yourself; How Fast can you get Fast? Derek takes your team down the success road to understand the critical difference between going fast and being fast. They will grasp how Trust and Preparation become the cornerstones of teams who push against boundaries. They will learn how to achieve trailblazing performance and understand why corporations sometimes struggle to emulate these valuable traits. This topic has energized both male and female audiences from California to the Czech Republic.


S.A.F.E: The Crucial balance
between Safety and Speed

Having survived the hardest crash impact a driver had ever survived, Derek shares his near death experience that led to a safety initiative in that continues today. Your team will learn how his sport continues to develop the safest high performance work environments and equipment that has literally saved lives. Empower your front line employees to make quick decisions, with limited information. Compliance does not replace Responsibility. Activate your own S.A.F.E. model (Speed, Agility, Framework, Execution). No one remains emotionally neutral as they grasp his breathtaking global experiences.

Derek's Books