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Race to Win Second Edition:
How to Become a Complete Champion Driver

Derek's Second Edition of Race to Win was written for a narrow niche market To his surprise, It has had a far wider reach. The book is very popular as gifts or give-a-ways during his keynote presentations.


What did they say?

"Derek's book teaches lessons it took guys like me years to learn. Quite honestly, I believe the advice in this book resonates far beyond the racing industry."
- Mario Andretti

"It's impressive. I'm not sure which is more so: the well thought-out concept for building champion drivers, or Derek's wealth of great stories from his personal experience. The stories really serve to illustrate the points he makes about what it takes to succeed. Very informative and different from the usual motorsport book."
- Bob Varsha, commentator, Speed TV


Race To Win Book cover

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Derek & Mario
Mario Andretti & Derek Daly



About the Book:

Why do some racing teams and drivers become champions while others, even those who seem packed with potential, fail? If anyone knows, it would be Derek Daly. After a remarkable racing career that spanned nearly two decades, Daly turned his attention to the mechanics of success. He has parlayed his experience and hard-won understanding into a phenomenal second career teaching the principles of high performance to audiences throughout the auto racing and business worlds.

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