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Are you ready to book one of the most authentic and dynamic speakers in America today?

We provide an award winning speaker with all supporting materials to make your event a rousing success. Our promise to you is that we not only  SUPPORT your event -  we BECOME your event.


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Winning Formula One teams live convinced
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So Derek is your decision -

What's Next?

After you make the decision to have Derek present at your event, here is what you can expect to receive:

  • Agreement that secures your date
  • Marketing materials as needed
  • Pre event questionnaire
  • A/V requirments and room set up needs
  • Request for conference call to talk to members of organization to  understand the "message" and customization  requests
  • Our office standing by your side to support you in whatever way needed


Meet Derek's personal assistant, Teri Thomas. She is available to help you in whatever way possible. Call her for a chat - 317 774 9102




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