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Derek was the closing keynote at the Genzyme national sales conference in Chicago. Guess what happened? They insisted that he fly to Argentina to deliver the same Complete Champion Sales Team keynote. A few weeks later, Derek was on a plane to Buenos Aires and then across Argentina to Bariloche (their finest ski resort which is close to the Chilean border) to open the Genzyme Latin-American sales conference. The theme was "Driving into the future". Derek's powerful motorsports analogies really brought the message home on how true high performing teams understand that critical performance gains occur at the margins and boundaries of people and equipment. The attendees were from six different countries.

Derek opens Latin-American
"Driving into the Future"
Sales conference, Argentina

-Standing Ovation-

"...a pleasure for me and all of my team having you with us in Argentina…. feedback was VERY positive as evidenced by the standing ovation...."
– Rogerio Vivaldi, Vice President and General Manager
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