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Dinner with a bunch of really successful car dealers. An intimate evening event at the Philadelphia cricket club where no cars were sold. Focus was on understanding how certain teams of people maintain sustained success by being Extraordinary. Keynote topic; Culture of Extraordinary: How to shift from Good2Great2Extraordinary.

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In attendance was David Penske - Bro of The slightly more famous 'Captain, Roger Penske

“.....thank you for the inspiring message........you that you truly inspired me with your words and message about being Extraordinary.

“I was very tired that night until you spoke, then I was absolutely captivated. Thank you so much.”
–James Geletei, GM, Retro Fitness Gym, Philadelphia, PA

“.........was completely blown away and impressed with your presentation. As an avid purveyor of advanced information on leadership qualities, motivational speakers, cutting edge research in the fields of psychology and how it pertains to one’s everyday performance, I was completely enamored with your passion in delivering your stories of how to get the best out of yourself and truly be an exceptional leader.”
–Vince Kershner, Account Executive, Bozēken

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