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Derek has had the pleasure of presenting multiple times to Foresters Financial - both mainland and in beautiful Hawaii. Full embraced 'Be Extraordinary" and weaved it through their whole conference.


....most excellent ...the group really enjoyed hearing him speak.....terrific and really that’s all that counts.
..... a huge number of guests getting up to shake his hand and inquire if they could purchase his book (they didn’t know we were delivering it as a gift).... definitely a speaker who made an impact while being thoroughly entertaining at the same time.

Tami Adams, Snr Event coordinator

He received a standing ovation and Eric Miller, one of the Executives in attendance told Derek it was ‘a compelling inspirational message – amazing’.
One of the wives in attendance asked Derek if she could give him a hug – because of the way he influenced her husband through his presentation.
There were at least half a dozen people who told him -'I've been to a lot of these, this was the best ever' and ‘Amazing speaker – thank you’
Gerry Salvatore said, “Congrats on being “Extraordinary” - our clients LOVED your presentation.”

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